Saturday, May 12, 2007

Squirt the Turtle and Starfish Cake

I made this cake for Doble's 1st Birthday. The guest cake is Squirt from Finding Nemo. It is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. I used graham crackers for the sand and goldfish for the fish. Doble's cake is a star fish made with yellow cake and buttercream icing.


Anonymous said...

i love your squirt cake. I have been searching and searching the internet for months now to find a good idea for a aquirt cake for a 1st b-day. Can you tell me how you did the head, legs and arms for squirt.
Thank you

The Party of Five said...

Thank you for your comment about the cake. As for how I did it...The arms and legs were cut shaped and cut from 2 round cakes. The head was baked in a bowl and then shaped to fit the body. I don't remember exactly which kind of bowl I used but something such as a large glass bowl (pampered chef measuring bowl). One tip when shaping and cutting your cakes; it works so much easier if you freeze your cake and cut while frozen. It keeps the cake from falling apart. I hope that helps out.