Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thomas Roundhouse Cake

Happy Birthday Doble
This is my 4th Thomas the Tank Engine themed cake in 4 years.  Three of them have been for Doble.  I don't know what I am going to do if he asks me for another one.  I am running out of ideas.  I may have one more up my sleeve.  However, I would love it if he came up with something else.  We are all Thomas'd out.  All of us but Doble.  However, how could I say no to a face like the following picture.  It makes it all worth it. 
He was so excited for his cake and even told me that his cake made him laugh.  Not because it was silly looking, but because it made him so happy.  I love the reaction my kids give me when they see their cakes. 
So some may say that this cake is a "simple" cake.  Can I just let you know that I didn't have a stencil or mold to make the brick on the side of the roundhouse?  I used a single pez candy and imprinted the brick onto the building.  I also color ALL my fondant and to get the colors to come out exactly how you want them can be very time consuming, especially when you are working in large amounts.

Owen was trying to help Doble blow out his candle.  Luckily he didn't blow it out all the way.
Happy Birthday sweet Doble.  I hope you LOVED your cake.  Mommy loved makig it for you.

Once again the cake was covered in fondant.  I used his Thomas toys are decorations.  The cake was a "Too Much Chocolate" cake with cream cheese frosting.  He likes chocolate and it was alot of it. 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thomas Cupcakes!

I am really excited about these cupcakes.  I think that they turned out super cute and Doble is super excited for me to bring them to school later this morning.  The eyes turned out a little buggy, but I had to work with the cutters that I had.  Other than that they were actually pretty easy to make.  I made 15 for his class and have 24 more to add alongside his birthday cake this weekend.  We added one more cupcake to to the mix, but you will have to wait till we post the cake pictures later this week. 
I can't believe this is my 4th year in a row making a Thomas the Train themed cake (3 for Doble).  We'll see if he lets me change it up next year.  He is just so in love with this beloved train and his friends.
Can't you just tell by the look on his face?
Close up of our favorite Train
The very proud birthday boy. 
 Tomorrow he turns 4!!
Peek a boo Thomas. 
The cupcakes are my usual white almond sour cream cake with buttercream icing.  This time I filled the cupcakes with buttercream and just put enough on the top to set the toppers on top.  The toppers are all fondant and food coloring painted faces. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Dino cupcakes

The boys have been learning all about Dinosaurs in preschool.  Well mostly Doble's class.  They have even made a 6 foot paper mache dinosaur for their classes to pull in the Grand Parade this weekend.  After the parade the school is having a family get together where the three classes, families, and past alumni can sit and visit.  The boys are a little torn because they had to choose the parade and party for a Mariners game.  They chose the Mariners game and of coarse now that I have the tickets they want to do the parade and party.  Although we will not be going to the parade and party we still made these Dino Cupcakes for everyone else to enjoy.  Sadly I made exactly 24 so they couldn't even have one spare. 
I have no idea why the purple frosting looks blue.  I couldn't figure out a good setting on my camera.  I think it is from the lighting in the house.  The Dino cutouts were all done by hand since I have still to get my cricut cake.  One day I will get one just wait and see.

mmm 24 cupcakes

I was impressed that Doble knew all the names of the dinosaurs.  I guess he really does pay attention.

My new cupcake caddy.  So excited for this.

Snug as a cupcake in a tub. Now no little fingers can get to them and it makes for very easy transport.  I have to make cupcakes 2 more times in the next 3 weeks for school, on top of 2 cakes.  This is our busy birthday time.