About Peach of Cake

Hi, I am Peach of Cake.  You can call me Peaches.  Nope not my real name.  Peaches is a nickname my husband gave to me before we were married. 

I am a self taught cake decorated.  I was introduced to cake decorating when my oldest son turned one.  A friend of mine helped me create the alligator and frog cake that you can find on the site.  I will forever thank Lindy for her help.  Each time I make a cake I actually think back to that first cake and creating it with her.  Yes it is true, I really do. 

My niche is fondant.  I love to work with it.  I love how smooth and beautiful it goes on the cake.  I love creating embellishments with it.  I have a lot of practicing when it comes to smoothing buttercream.  My goal is to one day have my buttercream talent match that of my fondant.  I would love for my buttercream work to be mistaken for fondant as I have seen others do. 

Before being a cake decorator though I am a mother and a wife.  I have three children. 

Lil' E is my 6 year old.  He is a boy's boy.  He loves sports and is quite good at each sport he tries. Outdoors is where he likes to be, whether it is playing sports, hiking, looking for bugs to feed our chickens, or just swinging on the swing set.  He loves to help daddy out in the yard and is right alongside him whenever he has a project to do.

  Doble is 4.  He is my Thomas the Tank Engine fan.  I almost dread his upcoming birthdays trying to outdo the last Thomas cake we have created for him.  He loves trains and building his tracks for them to go along.  He is polar opposite of his big brother.  He would much rather be in the house playing with his trains, drawing, or if mommy would let him watching T.V.  

Razy is 3.  She is our princess and she knows it.  However, she can throw a punch and pick on her brothers like no other.  But then she can bat those pretty blues and get whatever she wants.  It must be the combination of being the youngest and the only girl.  She adds flavor to our family in so many ways.  Whenever I am making a cake she is right there as my tester.  She gets her apron on and is ready for baking.  I love it!

 JBody is my wonderful husband who has so much patience for me when it comes to cake decorating.  When I am doing a cake, he knows the house gets neglected, dinner is probably going to be ordered from somewhere, and the drama will be heightened.  However, he is right there helping me come up with new ideas and giving me his two cents.  Sometimes I wonder who is my worst critic me or him.  But I love him for it.

Cake is not the only thing I enjoy.  I like to craft.  I do have more "to dos" than "dones" in the project world, but don't we all?  We also like to camp as a family.  We go on two major camping trips a year.  Once to the ocean and another the the Lake for fishing.  Each is done with more family.  We are blessed to live close to our family and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

Well there you have it.  That is me.