Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Cub Scout Blue & Gold

Feels good to finally make and cake.  But I will be honest it feels good to be done with it too.  This was one of the fastest cakes I have done in a while.  I haven't done an all buttercream cake in a long time.  It was nice not having to work with fondant.  I also decided to go with American Buttercream.  Cub Scouts don't care if the frosting is too sweet.  Heck they probably prefer it.  It saved me a bunch of time and a bunch of BUTTER. 

The cake was 16 x16
Made from American Buttercream
All hand piped
White Sour Cream and Almond layer on top
Filled with Oreo Custard filling
Chocolate Cake on bottom layer

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Funfetti Watercolor Cake

It took me 4 months to post it, but here is Auntie Bails Birthday Cake.  We were so excited to give her this cake.  Not just because it was her birthday, but she came home from her 18 month mission from the Philippines on her birthday. I made the cake, but the kids helped to decorate it.
We made her favorite, Funfetti.  Then covered it with fondant and left to pick her up from the airport. I wish I had pictures to show of her homecoming, but we were all so excited to give her hugs that we didn't take any pictures.  After the reunion we headed home so she could get cleaned up and the kids started their masterpiece.

If you are wanting to try this at home you will need:
A fondant covered cake
Gel food coloring diluted with clear vanilla extract
Clean paintbrushes.  We have special food only paint brushes.
Eager Artists

Once the kids were done with painting every inch of the cake I put some extra touches on it to hide the bottom. 

Doesn't it look like stain glass?  They had so much fun and she loved that it was made by the kids.

Happy Birthday Bails.  We are so glad you are home!!

What's Your Favorite Kind of Cake?

I have been MIA in the cake world for the last 4 months.  The last cake I made was for my sister.  It was a simple cake that actually my kids decorated.  I have yet to post it on here.  I do have a good excuse though.  If you follow my other blog, Positively Peaches, you would know that we are expecting.  Right after I finished making Razy's birthday cake, I got really sick.  I was never sick with my other three kids.  This one though really did me in.  I thought I would never get over it.  I am now well into my 2nd trimester.  25 weeks!!! Yay.  It wasn't until about week 15 that I was starting to feel better.  Luckily I have a wonderful husband who took care of lots of house work and stuck through lots of eating out. 

When I was asked by the Cubscout Committee Chair to make a cake for the upcoming Blue & Gold I was leary, but excited.  I have been itching to make another cake.  However, this one is going to be a fairly simple one with just piping.  No fondant.  I didn't have it in me to spend the extra day making and kneading the fondant.  With that being said the cake is in the oven right now.  I am making my favorite, White Sour Cream and Almond.  I thought it would be fun to see what kinds of cake you all enjoy eating or making. 

What is your favorite kind of cake? 
What flavor of icing do you like?
What flavor of filling is your favorite?
If you have a recipe that you wouldn't mind sharing I would love to hear them (  Who knows maybe I will have to try it and feature YOU!!