Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hawaiian Birthday Cake

This was a fun cake to make.  The reason being I didn't have to bake it.  I only did the fun stuff (decorating). A friend of mine contacted me and asked if I would help her give a costco cake a makeover.  It was so fun to create.  Her twins were turning five and they were also getting ready to take a family trip to Hawaii.  This was the perfect summer birthday cake.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Camping Birthday Cake

Such a fun birthday cake.  This one was for my 9 year old. He asked for a camping and fishing cake.  After much thought from Lil' E, mommy, and daddy, we came up with this cake.  Lil' E told me he wanted a pond with jello and fish crackers, a tent, and a guy fishing.  Well I am not good at all with making people so that one was out.  Daddy put his two cents in and I am glad he did.  He told me to push myself and do a pond with real water.  Well I did and I even added a little surprise for Lil' E.

I was thrilled when my idea of having the campfire really burn turned out.  All in all I LOVED this cake and it was so fun to do.  He loved it too.  I love it when my kids enjoy their cakes. 

The cake was a chocolate and vanilla zebra cake, covered in fondant.  Everything (well almost everything) was edible.  The pond itself was not (for obvious reasons) edible.