Friday, March 26, 2010

Twilight Series Cake

twilight cake
twilight cake

twilight cake

twilight cake This is the cake I made for my mother in laws 60th Birthday. I will say that I am so pleased with it. This one and my Minnie Mouse Cake are my two favorites I have done lately. So as you can see this is a Twilight Themed cake. Can you see each book represented in the cake?
Twilight: The apple
New Moon: The words and the flowers
Eclipse: The ribbon
Breaking Dawn: The chess board middle tier and the chess pieces.
Each tier was a different flavor
Top: sour cream almond
Middle: red velvet (loved the effect)
Bottom: too much chocolate (first time I have ever used this recipe and loved it)
The cake was frosted in cream cheese frosting and then covered in white fondant. Then I embellished the cake with hand colored fondant. Everything was edible, chess pieces and all.
Needless to say my mother in law LOVED the cake. I was so excited to make this for her as she is a huge fan of Twilight.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake

This is probably my all time favorite cake I have made thus far. I made it for Razy's 2nd birthday. I wanted to do a fairy cake, but in September we went to disney and since we would be celebrating her actual birthday at Disneyland I made her a Minnie Mouse Themed cake. It has taken me months to post it but I didn't want to neglect putting it on her.
The cake is a sour cream almond cake. It was layered with a fudgy filling and covered in buttercream before covering in fondant and fondant embellishments. The ribbon was fondant as well with little buttercream dots. She loved it as did I. I guess you could say I made it for my birthday as well since our birthdays are only 3 days apart.