Thursday, May 29, 2008

Word Search Birthday Cake

I made this birthday cake for a friend of the family. His parents said that he loves word searches so I came up with this.

Monday, May 12, 2008

3-D Thomas the Tank Engine Cake

I made this cake for Doble's 2nd Birthday. I thought it would be so easy because I had a step by step tutorial to follow. By the time I had the cake shaped and ready to frost it had already begun to thaw. So putting the crumb layer of frosting was a bit hard. It kept ripping the cake apart. By the time the cake was finished it had so much frosting on it and 3 dowels in place to keep it from tipping over. Needless to say Doble enjoyed it. And for a first time attempt at a 3-D cake I thought it was pretty good. The face and the track are made of fondant. The rest of the cake is chocolate cake with buttercream frosted icing.

Doble's Birthday Invitation. I made it to look like a train ticket. The bording pass number 10M 2008 was the date of the party (May 10).