Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seattle Mariners Birthday Cake

This year for Lil' E's birthday Lil' E told me "NO FONDANT"  So I did just that.  I tried a new technique that apparently I am horrible at.  I tried to do a buttercream transfer and I need alot more practice.  It didn't help that it was warm and humid and things were melting and just plain old didn't work.  But here is what it looked like.  Lil' E loves baseball and LOVES the Mariners.  So we did a Seattle Mariners baseball birthday cake. 

Can you see where the cake got bumped by one of the kids?  Oops should have taken pictures sooner. 
He loved it non the less.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Elegant Black Tie Wedding Cake

I will admit that I was extremely nervous for this cake.  I have known that I was going to be making it for about 8 months.  A wedding cake is a big deal and I didn't want to make any mistakes.  After setting up the cake I was actually really pleased.  I started thinking... "Hey I actually can do this cake thing".  I even had someone ask me to make thier wedding cake.  Who knows, maybe when the kids are older I could go into business. 

16" square - sour cream almond cake and buttercream filling and icing
12" square - chocolate cake with nutella filling and buttercream icing
8" square - lemon cake with lemon filling and icing

***Thanks to my friend Katrina for the chocolate cake recipe and the nutella idea.  The cake tasted just as good as it looked.

Congratulations Vanessa and Joshua!!