Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ballerina Birthday

My little Razy is growing up way to fast.  She is 6!!  When did she get to be 6?  She is such a little girly girl. She does like to play sports, get dirty, catch snakes, and rough house.  However, she also loves to dance, sing, dress up, and get fancy.  This year she started dance classes and it was perfect timing to do the much awaited ballerina party.  

Her cake was six 6" rounds filled with vanilla cream cheese and strawberry filling.  Covered in fluffy american buttercream and topped with marshmallow fondant. The skirt, slippers, and other embellishments were also marshmallow fondant.

I can't get over how so grown up she is getting.  She really is becoming a little lady.  But, she is still my oh so dang cute little Razy.

The little ballerina got to enjoy 3 parties this year.  One with sundaes with our little family on her actual birthday, another with her big cake with extended family and really close friends, and this year she got to invite some friends over for a ballerina party.  
As a thank you for coming to her party we made these adorable hand print tutus.  These ones were Dimple's and Razy's. To find out how to make  your own check it out on my other blog.