Monday, June 13, 2011

R2D2 cake

This weekend we celebrated Lil' E's 7th Birthday.  Going along with the Star Wars themed Cupcakes we made this R2D2 cake.  This was a fun cake to make.  It is made from 3-6"rounds, and a 1/2 ball cake pan.  The cake itself was alternate layers of White Sour Cream Vanilla Cake and Chocolate Cake with Cookie n Cream filling.  This go around I even made my own marshmellow fondant.  It turned out great and was just as easy to work with.  Who would have thought.  Man I have been spending way to much on the other stuff.  It only cost me about $5 to make 6 lbs.  Wheras the other is about $4-$5 a pound.
Thanks for looking!

The arms weere made out of Rice Cereal Treats that were covered in buttercream and fondant. 


I can't believe Lil' E is seven years old. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wilton Punch. Cut. Decorate! {Giveaway}

I haven't posted a giveaway on here before, but thought I would let you know of one that is going on right now at Mom Spotted.  Look at these super cool Wilton Punch. Cut. Decorate! tools:

For those who have never piped or piping doesn't come easily these cute sugar sheets can make it easier. They have different colors, prints, solids and alphabets.

The tool that I am most excited about are the cake punches.  I do have my cricut cake, but when I don't have to pull out the cricut the better.  These look so fun to use.  Some of these even come in sets of 3 different sizes for layer.  Oh I want these too bad.

Do you want a chance to win this Wilton Punch. Cut. Decorate! set valued at $126.  If so head on over to Mom Spotted.  Good Luck, but I will be honest I am keeping my fingers crossed that this giveaway comes my way!

Have I mentioned that I really wish I knew how to become a Wilton Mom Abassador to try out the newest Wilton's tools?  If any of you know how I can do so please let me know!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Baseball Cupcakes

T-Ball and Prep are coming to a close tomorrow and we just happen to have snack, and it is Lil' E's birthday.  Well it was planned because I am the team mom.  I thought it would be fun to make cupcakes in the colors of the boys' teams.  Lil' E is light blue.  They were the Mariners.  Doble's team is orange.  They are the Tigers. 
I used my FAVORITE cake recipe, but altered it a bit by substituting the vanilla for the almond extract.  I think most kids like vanilla better.  Then I topped it with a GENEROUS swirl of Italian Meringue Buttercream...MMMM!  The little baseballs are out of fondant with tylose and then piped with royal icing. 

sorry in advance to the parents whose children will be consuming all that frosting.

Star Wars Cupcakes

Not the best picture of these cute little cupcakes.  Lil' E is having a Star Wars themed birthday.  For his Kindergarten class today we made Star Wars light saber cupcakes.  Super cute and super easy!  He actually just wanted frosing and star sprinkles, but can you believe it NO SPRINKLES anywhere in town.  I think these turned out better and he loved them.

Can I just say that I am LOVING the frosting recipe I have been using to lately.  It is so light and creamy.  I will never go back to frosting with powdered sugar again.

Thomas Goes to the Circus

Thomas and the Chinese Dragon Birthday cake for Doble.
He wanted a Thomas Carnival cake and this is what I came up with.  For his preschool class we made cupcakes to look like boxes of popcorn.  This was alot of fun to make.  Everything is edible.  The two figures are made from gumpaste, and the circus tent is out of rice cereal treats.  He chose a vanilla cake with cookies and cream filling and a chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream and raspberry filling.
Once again I had to cover Doble's name.  The red little plaque thing on the bottom layer has been colored in to hide his name.

I used nut and party cups instead of cupcake liners. Every other crease was colored using a sharpie.  The popcorn look was created using marshmellows that had x's cut into the top of them and then painted using yellow food coloring.  We had butter and extra butter!