Friday, May 17, 2013

You Are My Sunshine Birthday Party

My baby girl is a year old.  I don't know where the time went.  I don't know how she has grown up and turned one on me.  Our little ball of sunshine only deserved the best and sweetest birthday party to usher her into her next year.
My pinterest table.  We had large lemonheads, small lemonheads, taffy spears, brownie pops, lemon curd cookies with lemon curd filling, mints, homemade buttermints, and hershey kisses. And don't forget the birthday cake!
The birthday cake was three tiers.  It was orange dreamsicle with orange dreamsicle filling.  It was oh so yummy.  It was covered it fluffy buttercream (a new recipe I found that I actually like.  It is a mixture between IMBC and ABC), then covered in marshmallow fondant. I love the way the petal layer turned out. 
Dimple's smash cake was iced in the buttercream using a rosette technique.
Brownie pops: Brownies covered in white chocolate.  The silver ones were then dipped in silver sanding sugar.
Taffy spears, lemonheads, and homemade buttermints.

lemon curd cookies with lemon curd filling, mints, and hershey kisses.

The drink table.  Pineapple lemonade and water.  I love my new little milk bottles.  I have many plans for them in the future.

The following pictures are just because.  This little cutie steals my heart everyday.  Happy Birthday Little Dimples.

Thanks to my grandma, Dimples was all dolled up in this cute little outfit.  I can't get over how dang cute it is.  

She even made her a pair of matching bloomers with a cute ruffle bum.  I made her necklace from gumballs left over from my little sister's wedding.

Such a ham.  She had us all laughing while we watched her dig into her cake. 

I absolutely love this picture of Dimples and my mom. 


Kelly Ludwig said...

I LOVE the milk bottles! Where did you find them?

Positively Peaches said...

HI! The milk bottle are actually the Starbucks frap bottles. I got a bunch of free ones from someone, cleaned them out and removed the label. I don't know where you live, but where I am we have a freecycle group on Facebook and posted that I was looking for them.