Saturday, June 4, 2005

Alligator and Frog Cake

This friendly duo was made for Lil' E's 1st Birthday. I had a lot of help from my friend Lindy.I couldn't have done it without her. She basically shaped and detailed while I just did the easy frosting and teeth.
The frog is a yellow cake frosted with buttercream icing and apple-o candies, and candy eyes. The alligator is a chocolate cake frosted with buttercream icing and decorated with candy eyes and airheads for the teeth and tongue. The jaw is made of rice krispie treats.
Thank you Lindy for getting me started with making birthday cakes for my kids.


Karli said...

Oh my heck!!!!!!! I want more instructions for this one! I'm serious!!! Amazing! I'd love to make fun cakes for my kids birthdays too, so this is a great resource! Where do you get your ideas?

Lindy said...

Oh, Alisha - look at all the awesome cakes you have done! You totally could have done this on your own if I hadn't been in the way! You go girl!