Friday, June 3, 2011

Baseball Cupcakes

T-Ball and Prep are coming to a close tomorrow and we just happen to have snack, and it is Lil' E's birthday.  Well it was planned because I am the team mom.  I thought it would be fun to make cupcakes in the colors of the boys' teams.  Lil' E is light blue.  They were the Mariners.  Doble's team is orange.  They are the Tigers. 
I used my FAVORITE cake recipe, but altered it a bit by substituting the vanilla for the almond extract.  I think most kids like vanilla better.  Then I topped it with a GENEROUS swirl of Italian Meringue Buttercream...MMMM!  The little baseballs are out of fondant with tylose and then piped with royal icing. 

sorry in advance to the parents whose children will be consuming all that frosting.

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sherree said...

they are so cute!You are a cupcake queen!